The Preparatory School of DC, Inc.

"A well planned program for a sound and enriching education"


  Before & After Care

EP/2 (Enrichment Program) which is PSDC extended day program , which provides our students with exposure in Dance, Debate, Band, Ski, as well as tutoring.  Students are received as early as 6:00am and may remain until 6:00pm, provided that student is enrolled in the unique EP/2 program.  During our "Spring Explosion" students put on a recital for parents, friends, and students to enjoy.



  Clubs/ Activities/ Programs 

  • Book Club/Math Club/Ski Club
  • Foreign Languages
  • Music/ Dance/ Drama
  • Debate Team
  • Computer Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Annual Science Expo
  • Annual Spring Explosion
  • Annual Winter Festival 
  • Fund-Raisers