The Preparatory School of DC, Inc.

"A well planned program for a sound and enriching education"

PSDC Campuses

Campus 1   The Preparatory Early Learning Center
                   3220 17th St NW
                   Washington, DC 20010
                   (202) 462-6835 Fax (202) 462-3734
Campus 2   The Preparatory School of DC Inc. (Lower School)
                   805 Rock Creek Church Road
                   Washington, DC 20010
                   (202) 722-5080 Fax(202) 722-5060
Campus 3   The Preparatory School of DC Inc. (Upper School)
                   4911 14th Street, NW
                   Washington, DC 20010
                   (Being Renovated for upcoming 2008 school year)

 We also offer intra-school bus service to help with commuting!!