The Preparatory School of DC, Inc.

"A well planned program for a sound and enriching education"

                                   Our History

The Preparatory School of the District of Columbia, Inc. is a local licensed, nonprofit institution that provides quality education on a mature and rational experiences to children ages infancy through 14 years.

In Operation since 1984, the school's rapid and unusual expansion is buttressed by its infusion of core curriculum with enrichment activities.

The Preparatory School of the District of Columbia, Inc. is licensed and approved by the Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs and the District of Columbia.

Our Philosophy

At The Preparatory School of the District of Columbia, It's believed that a child's mind is capable of grasping more information that can be measured. Moreover, the natural ability of children to discover, comprehend, and retain information and experience is greatly enhanced by the guidance, of experienced and trained professionals.

The Preparatory School will guide a child in the development of learning patterns that are both cumulative and continuous.  The Preparatory School will identify learning difficulties, ameliorate these challenges, all from whom more may be extracted.

The relaxed, nurturing and friendly atmosphere at The Preparatory School is conducive for learning and ensures the growth and development of a well-rounded child.  It is the main objective of The Preparatory School to present a sound, well planned program geared toward an enriched educational experience.