The Preparatory School of DC, Inc.

"A well planned program for a sound and enriching education"

Parent Involvement

Full development of a child requires total involvement of his or her parent; and parent' participation is critical in the implementation and sucess of thr eductation program (s) at PSDC. Parents are encouraged and are expected to fully involved themselves in the lives of their children via various vehicles; The PTA, classroom activities, fund raises, and other school-community events.

At PSDC, we know that the best education includes parents and guardians. Parent involvement is an important and welcome facet of PSDC's life. We as educators can do our jobs better when there is consistent communication between home and school. Parents are encouraged to participate in PSDC's activities as volunteers. Parent participation enhances student life, builds a strong sense of community, and supports students' educational experiences.

Opportunities abound throughout the school year for parents to participate in the life of the school. You may volunteer to be a room parent or participate in special activities or in-classroom projects.


Parent Conferences and Reports

Open communication among parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals is essential to a child's optimal progress. Parents and teachers regularly exchange information about factors that may affect a child's functioning in school. PSDC sends home quarterly updates of each student's progress. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled quarterly.

Our teachers welcome information via telephone or in-person conferences at any time. Additional conferences, including those with other faculty members or administrators, can also be scheduled to address particular issues. Parents are encouraged to call teachers, administrators or counselors at any time to discuss ideas, concerns or suggestions.